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Installing the Surround SCM Plug-ins


Surround SCM conforms to the Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (SCCI) standard, which makes it easy to integrate with many Windows IDEs and applications. Other IDEs that support the SCCI standard may also work with Surround SCM, but have not been tested or supported by Seapine.

The Surround SCM SCCI integration is automatically installed. You can also select additional options and integrations during the installation.

  1. Run the Surround SCM installation program.
  2. Select any integration options when the Surround SCM Integration dialog box opens.
  3. Make Surround SCM my default SCM provider sets Surround SCM as the default source control provider for IDEs that supports the SCCI interface, such as Visual Basic, Delphi 2005, or Homesite +.
  4. Install Microsoft Office plug-in adds a Surround SCM menu to Microsoft Office applications. This option makes it easy for Microsoft Office users to access version-controlled Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project documents.
  5. Install Dreamweaver extension integrates Surround SCM with Dreamweaver.
  6. Install JBuilder plug-in integrates Surround SCM with JBuilder.
  7. Install CodeWarrior plug-in integrates Surround SCM with CodeWarrior.
  8. Install IntelliJ IDEA plug-in integrates Surround SCM with IntelliJ IDEA. You must also select the IDEA install folder.
  9. Finish the installation. After installation is complete you can access Surround SCM tasks from the corresponding application.

You follow different steps to install the Eclipse or WebSphere plug-in.


The Ant, CodeWarrior (Mac), Dreamweaver (Mac), IntelliJ IDEA, and JBuilder plug-ins must be manually installed on UNIX platforms.

  1. To manually install a plug-in open the Surround SCM application directory folder.
  2. Open the IDE integration directory. For example, open the CodeWarrior Integration folder.
  3. Open the installation text file and follow the instructions to install the plug-in.

You follow different steps to install the Eclipse or WebSphere plug-in.


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