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Keyboard Shortcuts

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[edit] Desktop Client

Unless otherwise noted, these shortcuts should work on all platforms. Many of these shortcuts are location-specific, meaning that they only work if you're in certain areas of the client.

[edit] File Menu

Ctrl + NConnect to Server
Ctrl + WClose Window
Ctrl + SSave As
Ctrl + PPrint
Ctrl + IXml Import

[edit] Edit Menu

Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + LSpell Check
Ctrl + FFind
Ctrl + Num-Clear Search
Ctrl + ,Go To... (Preferences on Mac OS 10)
Ctrl + [Find Previous
Ctrl + ]Find Next
Ctrl + Shift + MInsert Stamp
Ctrl + Shift + FAdvanced Find

[edit] View Menu

F8Show Logged in Users

[edit] Create Menu

Ctrl + BCreate Defect
Ctrl + SCreate Test Case
Ctrl + KCreate Task
Ctrl + DCreate Folder
Ctrl + RCreate Customer
Ctrl + UCreate User
Ctrl + GCreate Security Group
Ctrl + TCreate Test Config

[edit] Tabs Menu

Ctrl + Shift + TAdd Tab
Ctrl + Shift + CClose Current Tab
Ctrl + Shift + AClose All Other Tabs
Ctrl + Shift + RRename Current Tab

[edit] Others

Alt + EnterView Defect/Test Case/etc... (list windows)
Ctrl + EEdit Defect/Test Case/etc... (list windows)
Alt + DelDelete Defect/Test Case/etc... (list windows)
Ctrl + MMerge Defects
Ctrl + OView Event (from Workflow tab)
Ctrl + .Make User a Customer (or Customer a User)

This list was compiled from TestTrack 2008.1., and minimally verified on Windows XP

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